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About Us

The Fund’s Mission

We are driven to promote, preserve and facilitate the real estate practices of our Members in their protection of the public. We accomplish our mission and earn the loyal support of our Members by providing quality, competitive, and innovative products, services, and education, maintaining our long-term financial stability and encouraging professional growth and personal development of our employees.

A History of Excellence

Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund (ATIF) has been working hard since 1948 to protect the real estate practices of Florida lawyers. Our goal is to facilitate the success of attorneys’ real estate practices by focusing on the details, allowing you time to concentrate on the big picture of client relationships, increasing your revenue and building your practice. We offer useful, innovative, and economical solutions for the real estate practitioner.
ATIF now supports more than 4000 Florida residential and commercial real estate attorneys through the formation of Attorneys’ Title Fund Services (ATFS). The Fund (ATIF and ATFS) is one of the most trusted names in the real estate settlement services industry. Fund members are title insurance agents of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, which has been the highest rated title insurance group in the nation since 1992. For more information on the services of ATFS please visit www.TheFund.com.
Our Fund Team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Fund Insurance Solutions™ offers a full suite of insurance products to minimize the risk to your law firm and business clients. offers a full suite of insurance products to minimize the risk to your law firm and business clients. Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund is always working to develop new, cutting-edge products and services to continue offering quality, relevant assistance to its Members. Contact us today for more information on how we can help support the future success of your real estate practice.